January 26, 2023

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1️⃣The capability of blockchains to communicate and share data with each other
2️⃣Increased complexity and potential for interoperability issues
3️⃣A simplified development environment with pre-built smart contract templates
4️⃣Lower transaction fees and faster confirmations
5️⃣Holographic NFTs exist natively on multiple blockchains

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1️⃣It measures a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.
2️⃣Supervised learning involves training algorithms with labeled data, while unsupervised learning involves training algorithms with unlabeled data.
3️⃣Image classification involves identifying the contents of an entire image, while object detection involves finding and localizing specific objects within an image.
4️⃣A field of study that focuses on making computers understand and generate human language.
5️⃣The inability of humans to understand how AI systems arrive at their decisions and actions.
6️⃣The point in time when AI systems become more intelligent than humans and are capable of self-improvement.

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1. B
2. D
3. B
4. A
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1. A system that uses blockchain technology to enable financial transactions without intermediaries
2. A pool of assets that are used to facilitate trading on a decentralized exchange
3. Increased liquidity
4. EtherDelta
5. Investing in traditional stocks and bonds
6. A way to provide liquidity to a yield farming protocol and earn rewards
7. Ethereum
8. A loss that occurs when the ratio of liquidity in a liquidity pool changes

Обновление 27.01.2023:

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3. Getting Started with Tron

1. ...a smart contract blockchain
2. Delegated proof-of-stake
3. 27
4. ...all of the above
5. 16
6. 3 days
7. TRC-721
8. 9,999
9. 1,500
10. A hybrid model combining algorithmic balancing and overcollateralized reserves.

4. Getting Started with Ethereum

1. 30
2. Vitalik Buterin
3. It’s not capped
4. Cressida
5. ERC-222
6. 12
7. 15 seconds
8. All of the above
9. Beacon chain
10. … ended entirely.

5. Getting Started with Bitcoin

1. 10,000 BTC
2. … every four years.
3. All of the above
4. 21 million
5. 2008
6. El Salvador and the Central African Republic
7. … greater speed at lower fees.
8. 50 BTC
9. Trust
10. Schnorr signatures

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✅ Блок 1 .

1. Neal stephenson's "Snow Crash"
3. All of the above
4. ETH
5. Ethereum, Polygon
6. The digital terrain of the metaverse
7. USD 450,000
8. USD 1 Trillion
9. Governance token
10. All of the above

Блок 2 .

1. NFTs
2. Each NFT is unique
3. an NFT minted on the Ethereum blockchain
4. ERC-721 Tokens
5. Bitcoin
6. All of the above
7. an online record of transactions backed by cryptography.
8. A crypto wallet
9. Partial ownership of an NFT/group of NFTs
10. NFTs cannot be divisible.

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